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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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EditorialArmy and militancy

Army and militancy

In accordance with the desires of the Pakistani people, indiscriminate action would be conducted against the terrorists, and this plague will be exterminated; this was reiterated during the Corps Commanders’ Conference, according to the ISPR release. This declaration was made when the Taliban-led administration in Kabul appears powerless to stop the TTP from carrying out assassinations and sending huge numbers of its terrorists to Pakistan. Although the PTI government’s attempts at reconciliation with him were unsuccessful, he was given a chance to return under the pretense of these talks.

It was anticipated that after American and NATO troops left Afghanistan and the Taliban took power, there would be an end to terrorist attacks against Pakistan and a chance for the people of both nations to live in peace. However, this is exactly what happened: the Taliban, who are controlled by the government, breached the security fence across the border, opened fire, and shelled into Pakistani territory, killing and injuring many civilians. Not only the terrorists of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) began returning to Pakistan and starting nefarious activities in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and even Punjab and Sindh as soon as they got the chance.

The Pakistani Army was forced to retaliate, resulting in casualties and damage on both sides of the border. The Pakistani government and armed forces have acted with prudence and forbearance, reminding Kabul of its obligations and advising it to stop engaging in provocations, but following the suicide bombing in Islamabad, it appears that the Afghan leader of the TTP has lost its composure. It wants the same level of disorder and unrest in Pakistan as in Afghanistan and is not sincere in its attempts to put an end to the cowardly deeds. In light of this, the Corps Commanders’ Conference, presided over by Army Chief General Asim Munir, has also stated its intention to implement strong measures to curtail terrorist activities in the nation.

The government will not compromise on the state of law and order, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif vowed, adding that terrorists will be eradicated. He praised the Pakistan Army for its ongoing fight against terrorism and expressed gratitude for their sacrifices. Every Pakistani government has treated Afghanistan as a neighbouring Islamic nation and has always done everything in its power to assist it. More than four million Afghans sought sanctuary in Pakistan during the attacks by Russia and the United States on that country, and they were given every assistance and protection possible. Even at a time when the rest of the world is not prepared to acknowledge the Taliban administration, Pakistan is not only preserving relations with it on the premise of humanitarianism but is also pleading with the rest of the world to assist in resolving Afghans’ issues and difficulties in every arena. Giving. The Taliban regime in Kabul should be expressing gratitude to Pakistan in such a situation, but instead, it is ignoring terrorism. The Kabul administration must prevent terrorists from crossing its borders into Pakistan and must combat them alongside Pakistan.

While other measures are indispensable to control terrorism, political stability within the country is also essential. In Pakistan, the warring political parties use insults against each other and adopt a tone that creates chaos in society. Anarchy exists in a society where the element of tolerance and tolerance is lost. In the same way, justice and fairness, human rights and equality are also essential components of a peaceful society. Deprivation of basic rights encourages rebellion against the system, and from here the germs of extremism are born. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure political stability to control terrorism so that there is no difficulty in achieving the desired results.

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