Arrests made in connection with trafficking case of Sana Gurmani in Ranipur, Khaipur district

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The Ranipur police on Friday took Pir Sohail Jilani and his maternal uncle Riaz Mashro into custody in connection with the trafficking case of Sana Gurmani from Meena village in the Qambar-Shahdadkott district. Sana Gurmani had gone missing under mysterious circumstances from the Haveli belonging to the influential Pirs of Ranipur.

Deedar Gurmani, the father of the 20-year-old married Sana, filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Pir Suhail and four other individuals, accusing them of selling his daughter after he had entrusted her to the Pirs for protection approximately two years ago. Acting on the FIR, police officials apprehended the two primary suspects during raids conducted under the directive of SSP Khair Mir Rohal Khoso. The arrested suspects are currently being held at a police station for interrogation in connection with the human trafficking case.

The case of Sana Gurmani came to the forefront following the alleged rape and murder of a minor maid, Fatima Furiro, in the Dastigir Haveli two weeks ago, with Pir Asad Ali Shah Jilani implicated in the incident. After the expiration of a 14-day police remand on Wednesday, the case of Fatima was transferred to an Anti-Terrorism Court in Khairpur for further legal proceedings.

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