Arshad Chai Wala opens cafe on London’s busy highway

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Arshad Chai Wala, a Pakistani who became globally popular on social media in 2016, has opened his own cafe on a busy highway in London.

Arshad has opened this cafe named ‘Chai Wala’ in London 229-Alford Lane, where a large number of Indians and Bangladeshis, including Pakistanis live.

The Chai Wala brand has been specially brought to London by three investors Bahadur Durrani, Nadir Durrani and Akbar Durrani, who are now planning to open its franchises across the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

Seven years ago, Arshad had no idea that he who sells tea at a roadside ‘dhaaba’ in Islamabad would be known around the world in a short time and his life would change.

Arshad also opened his restaurant in Islamabad in 2020 under the name ‘Cafe Chai Wala RoofTop’.

In October 2016, a photographer Javeria Ali took a photo of him pouring tea for a customer, and and posted it on Instagram and captioned it as ‘Hot tea’.

Arshad Khan’s beautiful appearance, blue eyes and seriousness on the face brought him to the heights of fame overnight.

He came to know about his popularity when the crowd of people started increasing to see him at the dhaaba, not only social media, but Arshad was also well covered by the media, after which his pictures were printed on the magazine.

Arshad’s story from Mardan went viral in many places, people named him Chai Wala and then it became his brand name.