Arshad Sharif case: SC rejects inclusion of five persons in investigation

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The Supreme Court (SC) has rejected a petition seeking inclusion of five persons, including the PTI chairman Imran Khan, in the investigation into the murder of Arshad Sharif.

The court said in the order that the Attorney General had told the court that the governments of Kenya and the United Arab Emirates were in the process of negotiating mutual legal assistance agreements with the federal government respectively, such agreements will take some time to implement.

Earlier, in the previous week, an application was submitted in the Supreme Court by the family of late journalist. It had requested to include former prime minister Imran Khan, former federal ministers Murad Saeed and Faisal Vawda, anchor Imran Riaz Khan and Salman Iqbal.

According to the order, the counsel for Arshad Sharif’s second wife referred to the court representatives of the United Nations and the committees involved in the investigation of human rights violations around the world.

According to the order, the mother’s lawyer requested the court to direct the JIT to investigate the above persons, after considering the miscellaneous petitions, the court is of the view that the request of the mother’s lawyer is not acceptable.