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Arshad Sharif’s car ignited the fatal shooting, Kenyan cop claims

The alleged team of cops behind Arshad Sharif’s killing has surrendered their weapons and a cop claimed that Arshad Sharif’s car prompted the fatal shooting as they were fired at first.

As per The Star (Kenyan publisher) report, the police are looking into the incident to see whether there were any other shooters or not.

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Corporal Mutuku told police that they drove from the training camp to the shooting site after receiving information about a missing car. They then built a roadblock out of stones while waiting for the car.

He also stated that they received a call about Sharif’s car being rushed onto the road.

He further claimed that they attempted to stop the car but were shot first, prompting the fatal shooting.
Kenyan authorities are also expected to interrogate the owners of the Ammodump Kwenia Shooting Range, where Sharif was before the time of his death.

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“We specialize in Defence and Security equipment. Ammo dump was formed in 2015 by a group of like-minded individuals who sought to combine best-in-class brands, assets, and people within the complex risk management industry,” said the publication about the range.

The newspaper also reported that the driver of Sharif, Khurram Ahmed is the brother of shooting range owner Waqar Ahmed.

According to the publication, Khurram after the shooting drove a few kilometres ahead and stopped the vehicle at his brother’s house after noticing Sharif had died of bleeding.

Following the shooting, Khurram called Waqar to notify him of the mishap. Waqar then told his brother to drive Sharif to a shopping mall for first aid.

The report also stated that Corporal Kelvin Mutuku, one of the officers involved in the shooting, was admitted to a hospital with a bullet injury on his left palm.

However, the driver is also an important person in the investigation, and according to Star TV; they are unable to contact him.



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