Art exhibition titled ‘Faraar’ to be held in Model Town

Model Town is one such area of Lahore that is known for having harboured some of the most significant people of Pakistan when it comes to the fields of art and literature. Imtiaz Ali Taj, Hijab Imtiaz Ali, Naeem Tahir, Yasmin Tahir, Ashfaq Ahmed, Bano Qudsia and many others have had their share of stays in the peaceful and historically important locality of the city.

Once again, Model Town is bringing forth something that will entice art, literature and culture connoisseurs alike. Titled as ‘Faraar’, translated into English as ‘Escape’, it’s going to be an art exhibition incorporating the works of four Pakistani artists, three hailing from Lahore and one belonging to Azad Kashmir.

In an exclusive conversation with Minute Mirror, the administration of ‘Faraar’ told that the exhibition will be curated by Maria Aslam, and showcase work involving paintings, sculptures, miniature and socio-political art, therefore giving people with different interests a chance to relish works in their preferred media.

When asked if the exhibition will follow a certain theme, considering that it carries a specific title, the administration answered:

“Each of the four artists is defining the term ‘Faraar’ in their own way and working accordingly for the exhibition.”

However, what will subtly emerge as consistent throughout the exhibition, as its description from its Facebook promotional page tells, will be the idea of class segregation in the society. The idea will then be presented through figurines, traditional jewellery, mixed media and abstract art incorporating strands of essential artistic and literary movements such as surrealism through its traditional as well as its modernized, digital form.

The art exhibition will be held on November 6 and 7 from 5pm to 8pm in the evening at H Block, Model Town, while the artists featuring their work will be Khadija Khalid, Hussan-Ara Masood, Abdul Rehman and Maria Aslam.