Asad Qaiser demands to halt ‘propaganda’ against PTI

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PTI leader Asad Qaiser called on Saturday for a halt to “propaganda” against his party and urged “powerful quarters” to ensure free and fair elections in the country.

Qaiser, who, unlike many of his fellow politicians, did not abandon the PTI following the May 9 incident, said in a video statement: “The one-sided campaign underway against the party and Imran Khan at this time, what do those in power and the PDM (Pakistan Democratic Movement) group think?” Do they believe they can demolish the PTI with such propaganda?

“Their misunderstanding, the more negative propaganda they spread, the more popular the PTI becomes,” he stated, criticizing the present government’s record and questioning whether it was able to combat inflation and improve governance during its tenure.

“Show us one sector in which the PDM has demonstrated [good] performance. These 14 months have been the worst calamity, and I want to appeal to the powerful sectors to have pity on this country and ensure fair and free elections in accordance with constitutional principles in order to preserve it from further harm.”

He claimed that the PTI was being subjected to “illegal and unlawful” crackdowns and that it was being denied its constitutional right to free expression and political activities within the confines of the law.

“Every day, our workers’ and senior leaders’ homes are raided.” “There are stories from all over the province (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) about how the sanctity of houses is being jeopardized, which is against the law and the Constitution from every angle,” he said.

He complained that the law was being abused and emphasized the importance of the rule of law if the country’s rulers wanted it to progress.

He stated that it was the people’s prerogative to bring a party into power or force it out, and that only the nation could decide whether to re-elect the PTI chairman or someone else.