Asif Zardari has contacted terrorist organization to counter me: Imran Khan

Chairman PTI Imran Khan claimed that former president Asif Ali Zardari and a small group of other influential people have contacted a terrorist organization to counter him.

Khan stated during a media briefing on Friday that he was releasing the names because he “doesn’t want them to live a regular life after me.”

He expressed his perspective about how few people had hatched plans to kill him behind his back. “I’ll be on the street as soon as I’m 100%.”

I urge the legal system in this nation to safeguard our basic rights. “It’s a blatant violation of the constitution if they don’t follow the law.”

Khan stated, “We knew before the regime change operation that no one would be able to handle economic situations if things get out of hand,” about the difficulties with the economy.

“I informed the establishment about this and I sent Shaukat Tarin to convince them that the economy will suffer if this occurs.”

He claimed that because of problems with supply and demand following the Corona, the cost of necessities had increased.

We warned them that if this plan comes to pass, everything will spiral out of control because “it was especially terrible for us at that time due to imported inflation.”

“If you ask economic experts, they will tell you that Pakistan is going through worse circumstances,” the former prime minister stated.

“Because of the sharp decline in our foreign currency reserves over the past two days, the Pakistani rupee has lost a significant amount of value. Our reserves were 16.4 billion dollars when the vote of no confidence was presented, and they are now only 3.6 billion.”

They used to blame us for money devaluation and inflation, and Ishaq Dar used to promise to alter everything, but what is he doing now, said Khan.

“The value of the rupee has decreased for a middle-class individual, but those who have funds in foreign accounts are content and their wealth is rising.”

The PTI Chairman said, “Do not vote for a party whose leadership is abroad, what difference does it make to Sharif and Zardari since their wealth is outside.” The effects of this inflation will be felt by those who are paid salaries, including teachers, doctors, soldiers, and government employees.

“Even though we were facing covid, inflation was only 12% when we left, and it will soon reach 35%. As a result of falling commodity prices worldwide, India’s inflation rate decreased from 7% to 6%.”

He added that the price of flour alone would cost a household about 18,000 rupees, and other goods would also cost more. Prices for gas and electricity will skyrocket. Pakistan’s growth rate would be affected by this.

Khan also questioned the government’s lack of economic strategies and the closing of industries.

The government released an economic survey of Pakistan in May 2022, and it notes that despite the country’s economic difficulties, the PTI administration did well and Pakistan’s growth rate was 6%.

The employment situation would be impacted by the growth rate dropping to even negative levels, according to the PTI Chairman.

“Ishaq Dar failed, and that is apparent. Pakistan’s national security is in danger because of this. Now, everyone we ask for money from will have their requirements, just as the IMF required Sri Lanka to reduce its military spending by 50%.”

“Those who overthrew our government failed to learn from their errors.” They are forcibly shutting people down rather than seeking the public for a mandate to do so, said Khan.

I’ve seen Musharaf’s martial law, but this is worse, he declared. “We are being treated as though we are an enemy of this nation.”