ATC judge criticizes Imran Khan for vandalizing at judicial complex

Imran named his party after Insaf yet they yelled slogans, remarks ATC judge

Judge for an anti-terrorism court (ATC) makes remarks over the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan’s arrival at the court for bail.

On February 28, the former prime minister attended the hearings of four cases before three judges. While a non-bailable arrest warrant was issued against Khan in one instance and he was granted interim bail in three other cases.

Without addressing Khan by name, the judge made a remark about the PTI Chairman’s large crowd as a case was being heard before the ATC. He said, “Khan invokes instances from Britain but himself does not respect the court since the PTI head took thugs along with him to the sessions. He [Imran Khan] has named his party after ‘Insaf’ yet they yell ‘Zindabad’ and ‘Murdabad’ slogans.”

The ATC judge said that he had the CCTV tape of the event saying, “Now he will keep me busy with the court proceedings for the next year.”

As Khan arrived to the federal capital’s court complex earlier this week, a sizable group of PTI members forcibly entered the premises by knocking down the gate. The PTI supporters smashed through every security measure to storm into the premises in Sector G-11 of the court complex.