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Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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Attacks in Pakistan deemed haram by ulema

Sixteen Ulema from the Deobandi school of thought has deemed the terrorist attacks in Pakistan haram and proclaimed them illegal.

According to the fatwa (religious decree) that the Ulema signed, given contentious remarks made by anti-state parties it is necessary to provide clarification on certain issues.

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These queries were addressed by Pakistani academics following Islamic teachings, making use of various hadiths.

The Ulema first addressed the issue of who can declare jihad and under what conditions. They said that the head of an Islamic state had the authority to declare jihad in the appropriate situations since he or she is in charge of defending the area.

Secondly, according to scholars, those slain defending the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, such as police and military officers, are unquestionably regarded as martyrs or shaheed.

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Thirdly, it was ruled that adhering to the laws of the state and the decisions of its leaders was required. However, the opposition is allowed in situations where the state’s directive is unethical.

The Ulema also underlined that Islam is forbidden to sow discord and disorder. They said, “Shariah noted that to rebel against an Islamic state is to rebel against Islam.”

To defend the honour and sovereignty of an Islamic state, they also emphasized the significance of working together against anti-Islamic parties.


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