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EditorialAwaking to climate change dangers

Awaking to climate change dangers

Climate change is becoming an even more real threat as time progresses. According to studies, the most affected countries are and will be lower-income, third-world countries, even though most damage is done by the actions of first-world countries. Although there is a pretence that first-world countries are conscious of the climate and are making efforts to reduce the damage done by their actions, the reality is much different. With each passing day, it is becoming more evident that the planet is dying. This summer, fires raged across Europe due to high temperatures. These fires will only increase with time which will result in a decrease in crop production, which will increase the prices of grains all over the world. First-world countries will be able to afford this price increase, the real effect will come on lower-income countries that do not have the means to produce grains and neither the resources to buy from other countries at higher prices.

As per a report published by a stock brokerage firm, Pakistan faces the problem of inflation in the short and long term due to political instability and this will be complemented by climate change in the coming years. This year’s monsoon rains have provided evidence of climate change and how it will affect the economy as a whole. Excessive rainfall in Karachi and the lack of infrastructural development and maintenance led to urban flooding. Not only were the older and underdeveloped colonies affected, but also areas like DHA that are priced at the higher end. This shows that the problem is not poor development only, but climate change as well because the residential areas were developed according to the earlier climate pattern. Since that is now rapidly changing, even high-end societies lack the facilities to deal with this matter. Therefore, newer areas with better sewage facilities will be preferred by people. However, not everyone can afford to live in those areas and so people will keep on suffering and this suffering will only increase with time.

However, excessive rainfall and poor urban development is not the only problem that exists in the country. Pakistan also faces the problem of water scarcity. With time, not only will the country face more rainfall, but it will also face water scarcity. With this water, scarcity will come food shortages. Due to a lack of research and development, the focus has always been on buying more tractors and producing fertilizers. Now Pakistan needs to enhance the seeds it uses and make dams and reservoirs to store water so that it can be used in time of need. With increasing food prices in the world and destabilization of the economy in the country, soon there will be a shortage of grains, which will further exacerbate the political problems and may even lead to mutiny as only the rich will be able to have proper meals and the poor will be left with scraps. The case is the same at a macro and micro level, rich countries will be able to sustain even with climate change and so will the rich people in the poor countries. The only ones suffering in all aspects will be the poor.


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