Ayesha Omar rubbishes relationship rumors with Shoaib Malik

Actor Ayesha Omar while replying to the questions regarding her relationship with Shoaib Malik has said that she will never be drawn to a married man.

The dating rumors of these Ayesha and Shoaib were circulating on social media ever since the two of them took part in a sizzling photo shoot.

She added clarification saying, “Ostensibly revealing photo shoot with Malik created a problem in India, not in Pakistan.”

In an interview with former cricketer Shoaib Akhtar for his chat show, the actress talked about being accused of Mirza and Malik’s alleged breakup.

She also said that her 2021 photo shoot was exaggerated. Images of the two that were taken for a magazine had been widely shared online with outrageous accusations.

Furthermore, there were rumors that Malik would wed Omar, which the Bulbulay star denied in the previous year.

Ayesha now responded to Akhtar’s query over her relationship with Malik by saying, “A married or committed man will never spark my interest. Everyone knows who I am.”

Omar questioned, “Who said that?” when Akhtar described her photo shoot with Shoaib Malik as extremely exposing and subsequently created a tremendous uproar.