Ayesha Omar surprises fans with cute video among sea turtles

Ayesha Omar, the diva known for her most stylish and fun-loving nature, always manages to stay in the news. From being a jolly sitcom character to being a spontaneous host and a singer with a unique voice, Omar’s multitalented personality, which knows how to try hands at everything without cutting a sorry figure, always leaves us awe-struck.

This time around, the artist gave a fun and adventurous side of hers to write on. On November 20, she uploaded a video of hers on her Instagram account amidst giant sea turtles. As the caption told, Omar had shared the video from a vacation in Tanzania where according to her, she was having ‘lunch’ with the beautiful sea creatures, which was quite evident from the way Omar was offering seaweed to the turtles.

In an era in which people showing regard for plants and animals have started to attain respect, Omar seems to be the first Pakistani to depict an eco-consciousness that is not at all forced but comes from within.

Omar’s fearless calm was inspirational and strength-giving. The entire video showed a valiance the kind of which is rarely seen among our celebrities, coupled with a deep love for the non-human species.