Ayesha Omer opens up about her abusive relationship

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Ayesha Omer opened up about her abusive relationship and it is heartbreaking to hear about the traumatic experiences she had to go through in her past relationship.

She recently revealed that she had to endure years of mental and physical abuse at the hands of her ex-fiancé before she could get out of the relationship. During a podcast interview with the former model, actor, and director Frieha Altaf, Ayesha spoke candidly about the bitter realities of her personal life.

Bulbalay actress further told that the relationship was almost eight years old and she had believed that her love could change her partner’s abusive behavior. However, she had to go through immense pain and suffering before she could gather the courage to end the relationship. When her ex-fiancé physically assaulted her, and she realized that she could no longer tolerate the abuse.

Ayesha revealed that her ex-fiancé was someone who would use abusive language all the time and was even habitual of it. She also shared that recovering from this traumatic experience took her a long time, and she had wasted precious years of her life on this person.

We understand that leaving an abusive relationship can be incredibly difficult. Survivors need support and understanding from loved ones and surroundings. More power to you girl!