Ayeza Khan and Aymen Saleem go green in their latest photos

Green seems to be the coolest colour (in all senses of the word) for the scorching heat the world is witnessing. Appealing to both the eyes and the mind, green has been the recent choice of some of our best actresses as well, namely Ayeza Khan and Aymen Saleem, both of whom have donned different shades of the same colour in their latest photos.

Ayeza Khan was observed wearing pistachio green in what seemed like a lobby of a hotel, for her handbag and attaché could also be noticed in the background. A casual shirt and trouser carrying a single shade of the colour exuded simplicity and comfort, the kind that is right for this sort of weather.

Aymen Saleem, who recently starred in the rom-com ‘Paristan’ shared her photos straight from the desert region, standing amidst dunes and posing in olive green, forming a wonderful contrast with the brownness of her background dotted with desert-specific plants as well. “Ok Mother Nature, you didn’t need to flex that hard,” was how her caption went.