Azam Khan ‘confesses’ cipher drama used for political purposes

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Former Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary Azam Khan alleged that the Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, concocted a thought-out conspiracy against him while recording his statement against Chypher, accusing it of being a fabricated and baseless scheme for political purposes.

Reports stated that Azam Khan, the former Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, recorded a confessional statement before the magistrate under Section 164.

Azam Khan further stated that all Cabinet members were involved in the Cipher matter and everyone was informed about how Cipher could be used. Cipher has no relation to the truth; it was solely utilized for political purposes and created as a drama plan.

According to Azam Khan’s statement, the Chairman of PTI said, “I will change Cipher’s narrative by misrepresenting it to the public.”

Azam Khan further claimed that the Chairman of PTI took Cipher from him on March 9 and later disappeared. Despite objections, the Chairman of PTI used the secret memorandum for personal gain.

During his tenure in the PTI government, Azam Khan served as the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and was considered very close to the Prime Minister.