Azam Swati skips Senate meeting looking into alleged leak video

Senator Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri said PTI Senator Azam Swati skipped two consecutive sessions of the parliamentary special committee set up to look into the offensive video his wife allegedly received.

Speaking to the media on Friday after serving as the meeting’s convener, he stated that despite communications with four members of the upper chamber of parliament, the PTI leader did not show up for the meeting.

He stated that Senator Swati needed to attend the meeting because of the media hysteria his leaked video had generated. This was necessary so that the offenders could be promptly prosecuted.

Senator Ghafoor was concerned that if Swati missed the meeting, it would cast suspicion on the legitimacy of the alleged videotape.

He added that the committee would continue its discussion of the issue at its upcoming meeting on Monday, November 14.

Treasury members in the National Assembly earlier this week sought the formation of a parliamentary committee to look into the PTI’s allegations that a disturbing video was leaked to Azam Swati’s family to show their solidarity for him.

According to Dr. Nafisa Shah and Religious Affairs Minister, Mufti Abdul Shakoor invading someone’s privacy is against the Constitution. They both added that parliament needed to take notice of this event.

Mufti Abdul Shakur argued over Swati’s video and claimed that the PTI senator had been used as a victim. He claimed that tomorrow, anyone could experience what Azam Swati did. The minister warned the assembly that “even I could experience it.”


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