Balance of economic and political power is moving towards Asia, Senator Mushahid

For visual reference only. Picture source - Asian Development Bank via The International Women's Initiative

The balance of economic and political power is moving toward Asia as a result of modernization, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed has said.

He was speaking at the 11th general assembly of the Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) in Istanbul. Mushahid said that a historic and singular transformation was currently occurring on a worldwide and international scale.

He also said that there has been a tremendously revolutionary time as the East was overtaking the West in terms of economic and political dominance.

Director of the AK Party’s International Affairs Department Efkan Ala will take over at the ICAPP as its vice chairman for a two-year term.

The three-day gathering was being attended by some 70 political parties from 33 Asian nations including China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia and South Korea.

Mushahid Hussain Syed cited Dr. Muhammad Iqbal the national poet of Pakistan and philosopher as saying, “We are talking about the resurrection of Asia, the rise of Asia.”

Whether it’s the situation in Ukraine, the G-20, or climate change we see that Turkey has been playing a leadership role, Mushahid Hussain Syed said. He called Erdogan a lion of Asia since he advocates for Asia and the downtrodden.

Ala emphasized the value of bilateral connections with Asian nations for Turkiye saying that the ties also aided in the resolution of local and international issues with these nations. He praised Erdogan’s leadership diplomacy.


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