Battagram superhero Sahib Khan shares his experience of saving trapped individuals

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Sahib Khan, one of the valiant individuals who played a pivotal role in saving eight people trapped in a chairlift in the Battagram region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has recounted his experience during the daring rescue operation.

He recounted that as they successfully rescued all the stranded individuals, the onlookers warmly greeted their efforts.

In discussions with the media, experts Ali Swati and Muhammad Elias elaborated that the entire operation was conducted under the careful guidance of the military, and they collaborated with Saheb Khan due to his remarkable expertise.

Furthermore, during interviews conducted with both local and international media outlets, Sahib Khan mentioned that the spectators on-site expressed their gratitude by offering financial rewards to their team and praising their actions.

Khan acknowledged that the operation was exceedingly demanding, rendering it an arduous task for any single team to undertake. Initially, helicopters were preoccupied with other rescue missions, and they were not granted permission to proceed. Nevertheless, a helicopter managed to rescue one child, and as dusk descended, they were given the go-ahead to proceed with their own efforts.

Subsequently, they embarked on their mission and skillfully saved all seven individuals from the valley. Sahib Khan emphasized that this was a collaborative rescue endeavor that involved local authorities, Rescue 1122, and various other entities.