Beloved Fatima

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A girl without wings and a broken heart left this immortal world. The deceased girl, Fatima Farior, a nine-year-old flower, was employed as a domestic maid at the haveli (mansion) of a well-known personality named Pir Asad Shah. This mysterious story has many intervals that shock the nerves, such as how this apple of the eye was brutally raped and tortured. She faced domestic violence, rape, and giving up her life in pain. How this can happen to an innocent soul She has gone through too much. The owner is in jail because the mother of Fatima (Shabnam Khatoon) lodged a case under sections 302 (international murder) and 34 (acts done by several people with common intention). To verify the case, an exhumation and postmortem analysis of the body were done. Her father, before this examination, claimed that Fatima died due to a stomach-related illness, but the truth has another story.

Her videos went viral when Fatima was crying due to pain. Many social activists worked on this ad, which will turn into a big issue, which is great because this poor girl will get justice if people don’t support her. Pakistan reports numerous rape cases. Some of them got reported, and on a few, legal action took place. There is a societal gap in which the powerful class has the power to oppress the poor, and the poor won’t be able to take action because of threats. Is Pakistan safe for women? Motorway incident where helpless women got raped on the Lahore Sialokot motorway. In 2005, Dr. Khalid, an employee of a state-owned natural gas company, was raped in Sui (Balochistan). There are many others, too. The above-mentioned cases show that from housewife to working woman No one is safe in this country. What was the mistake with the Fatima? The only mistake was that she was a poor girl. A girl who wants to contribute to the family through working. The cost of her work was her life. The heavy cost she paid for only being a poor girl Domestic violence at an early age affects children psychologically, which means that the pangs of the violence are embedded in their souls. How Fatima bears out this violence and being raped at the same time over the past many years—God knows how many times she has been tormented.

According to the Global Gender Gap Index 2022, Pakistan ranks second to last in terms of the gender gap, with only 56.4% of its gender gap closed. This gap shows that women in Pakistan are not able to breathe in the open air. The right to education, and the right to have basic amenities are all the luxury things in Pakistan. Girls who wanted to contribute and wanted to be the breadwinner in the family faced these kinds of situations, which cost them their lives. Why are these scenarios about a feminine gender? Things are totally different if we can see how women are adjusting in Pakistan. There is no pay gap between males and females. There is a huge wage gap, and companies prefer male employees because they think women need more than men. In this way, they save themselves from maternal leaves. All of this trauma must be experienced by a female. A safe place is essential to breeding intellectual genius.

Humans are social animals, and animals kill other animals for their own survival, but in this case, we are worse than animals. We give humans pain and murder them just to stain their lust. The powerful person thought that he had the power to own the soul or body of a poor girl. These are the blood-shed things that remain in the society. Women suffer in many ways, but the way Fatima suffers is beyond the limit. No human deserves domestic violence, rape, or being brutally tortured. From a gender perspective, the feminine gender suffers the most due to rape, and on the other hand, society shames a girl with whom this incident occurs. How painful for a girl that she got raped, and now she has to face more. Again, the only mistake is that she is a girl. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan must adhere to some strict laws for the powerful people who own the power, but they must know they can be locked under the laws. We can see there are thousands of girls living in the shelters. The story of Fatma shows that she is not safe in the mansion. How are girls who are living in slums on the streets safe? This question makes us realize that we are the ones who can take action and support the right direction. This implies that we should move beyond the bars for our daughters because today someone’s daughter got raped. I don’t know who is next.

Arisha Irshad Ali Is a Graduate of DOW Medical University Karachi. She is interested in highlighting social issues, Climate change issues and health-related issues. She has worked with several news websites as a freelance journalist. She can be reached at