Bench issue: Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s note removed from Supreme Court website

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Justice Qazi Faiz Isa’s note on the 9-member larger bench case on pleas against military trial of civilians has been removed from the Supreme Court’s website.

Justice Qazi Faiz Isa’s note regarding the hearing of the 9-member larger bench was uploaded on the Supreme Court’s website.

Justice Isa wrote that until the Practice and Procedure Bill is decided, every bench of the Supreme Court is illegal. Within an hour of the posting of the note, it was removed from the Supreme Court website shortly after.

Supreme Court Judge Justice Faiz Isa had ordered the adjournment of the cases till the making of the Rules of 184/3. And was later recalled by a 6-member bench.

In the note of the honourable judge, it was said that since my appointment in the Supreme Court, I have never avoided any case, never asked the Registrar’s Office to file or not file any kind of case, and always tried. To look at each side of the case from one point of view, I always tried to make every decision according to the constitution and law.

In the note, it was said that I am not recusing myself from the case against the military trial of the civilian. I will violate my constitutional and legal position. Till this day, the Chief Justice has not denied my position, rather His Holiness has not even bothered to answer. I am confused, in my humble opinion the Chief Justice should not do that.

Justice Faiz Isa’s note said that the will of a single individual cannot run a constitutional body like the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court Practice and Procedure Act applies to the Chief Justice and two senior judges. Justice Tariq Masood also refused to sit on any bench in the beginning, I respect Justice Tariq Masood’s position, similarly, he respects my position.

Justice Faiz Isa said that as the most senior judge, it is my duty to keep the direction right, the bouquet of judges will perfume the atmosphere with their fragrance, no one should doubt that a special bench was formed for a specific decision, I am the chief. Justice suddenly inquired in writing on May 16 how long I want to do chamber work.