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Bhutto Jr predicts revolt in Sindh

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Junior, the only son of slain leader Murtaza Bhutto and Ghinwa Bhutto, in his first ever press conference on Friday predicted a revolt by the people of Sindh, in the wake of ravages caused by floods in the province.

Bhutto Jr said that people of Sindh were so angry that they could not go with feudal lords who had been against the radical reforms for 75 years. He pointed out that displaced and devastated people of Sindh were now fed up with current conditions and claimed they no longer wanted to remain under the clutches of feudal lords and capitalists. He said that tillers of his lands were also in dire conditions due to floods in Larkana district, adding that he and his sister Fatima Bhutto were proudly working with Faisal Edhi, the chief of Edhi Foundation, to collect funds for the affected people. It is pertinent to mention that in recent days, eminent writer Fatima Bhutto has been active in relief activities and seen critiquing the government functionaries for their alleged failure to provide relief to millions of affected people.



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