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Biden called out for hypocritical UNGA address on women’s rights

Displeasure directed at Biden for advocating women rights, some argue US departure left Afghan women scrambling for freedom

Netizens riled up over US President Joseph Biden’s hypocrisy after he said nations progressed if they helped women’s rights flourish instead of stifling them, during his speech at the United National General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday.

During the General Debate of the UNGA, Biden said that the ‘future’ belonged to nations that did not ‘trumple’ the ‘dignity’ of ‘their people’. In his address, Biden advocated for the ‘social, economic, and political’ rights of women and insisted that everyone worked to help women achieve their dreams and freedom.

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Several pointed out that it was hypocritical that Biden would champion for women’s rights after he left Afghan women behind to the conservative regime of the Taliban. Social worker Meena Gabeena retorted sarcastically and said that Biden advocated for women’s rights by leaving Afghan women behind with ‘terrorists’ who historically perpetrated gross violence against them. Gabeena added that this was Biden’s policy all the while encouraging the same ‘terrorists’ to give women rights in their country.

A former business entrepreneur, Zia Wahaj said that Biden’s policies around US withdrawal were responsible for stripping Afghan women of their rights and freedoms. Wahaj added that the withdrawal made Afghan women more ‘vulnerable to violence.

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Human rights advocate Fernando Amandi also said that Biden forgot Afghanistan while making his speech.

A user was perturbed by Biden’s otherization of Afghan women and said that there was no ‘their people’ but ‘the people’. They added that power brought with it responsibility that Biden had not exercised by unleashing ‘terror’ on the Afghan people.

While many were taken aback by the irony of Biden’s statement, others wondered whether ‘trumple’ was a word to begin with. Professor Tom Watson was amused and said that if ‘trumple’ was a typo it was a ‘good one’.

Others chimed in and commented on the validity of the word.

As users boiled down Biden’s speech to semantics, a good samaritan offered a definition from Urban Dictionary, which is often used to describe informal terminology or phrases that have been adopted over the years. The user said that ‘trumple’ referred to a ‘racist, xenophobic, or sexist uncle’ that no one wished to engage with over the holidays.

Biden’s UNGA speech comes at a time when troubling reports of women’s rights violations were coming out of Afghanistan. As US forces withdrew from Afghanistan after 20 years of their foreign occupation, several women said Taliban told them to go home from universities and workplaces. Women were also barred from playing sports like cricket and the Afghan women’s football team also transited through Pakistan to US and Europe to escape Taliban’s rule.

These reports surfaced despite Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid having said that women would be a part of society and their right to education and work would be respected if they conformed to Islamic law.



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