Bike sales decline once more as Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki suffer losses

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A year has gone by since the implementation of automotive import restrictions. The industry’s output, sales, and revenue have been continuously dropping since May 2022. As a result, the auto industry’s growth has completely stopped.

Bike sales in June 2023 were 15% lower than they were the previous month, according to figures from the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers’ Association (PAMA). 75,056 motorcycles were sold by Atlas Honda, a decrease of 14% from month to month.

In contrast to May 2023, Pak Suzuki only sold 363 motorcycles in June. In contrast to the prior month, Yamaha sold 942 motorcycles in June, a 15% decrease.

When compared to the previous month, Chinese motorbike sales dropped by as much as 22%.

The cause of the decline is not mentioned in the statistics. Analysts predict that import restrictions and the resulting production halts will likely have an impact on the bicycle industry.

The inflated pricing of the motorcycles, according to some industry watchdogs, is also to blame.

Sales will likely remain weak for the foreseeable future as the industry makes a delayed recovery from the economic and operational issues, despite market rumors suggesting that imports have been reinstated for the auto sector.