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Bike theft solves double murder case, after 8 years

During interrogation, bike thief confesses to murder father and step-mother

A very shocking incident happened on Friday with the Anti-Vehicle Lifting Squad solving a blind double murder case eight years after it happened.

Police arrested an accused named Sarfraz in the case related to a motorcycle theft, and during interrogation, his past crime also came up and he told the investigators that he committed a double murder in 2014.

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As per reports, police got a complaint of motorcycle theft and took action. It got a lead about a suspect who sold that stolen bike. When police investigated him about the motorcycle, he also confessed to the murders also that he committed eight years back.

While talking to Minute Mirror exclusively, the accused, Sarfraz, said that his step-mother, Bashiran bibi, had two lakh rupees, which he and his wife stole. Bashiran bibi got furious and raised a hue and cry, which made them kill her.

Explaining the incidents, he said, “My wife gave a sedative to my mother and took her outside where I was waiting for them on a bike. We told her that we were going to drop her to the village but my wife attacked and killed her. We threw her body in a canal.”

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Upon his return, his father inquired about his wife but Sarfaraz was not able to give him a satisfactory answer.

“My father got suspicious of my mother’s sudden disappearance and asked to inform the police on which my wife and I got scared and used the same trick of murder with my father,” said Sarfaraz.

While whipping his tears Sarfaraz said that I hit my father on his head with an iron rod, on which he fainted. “I continued hitting him until he died. I then threw his dead body in the canal and fled from the scene,” Sarfraz revealed.

With an expressionless face, he said, “I pretended to be clueless when my family members asked me about my father and step-mother. Later on, it was established that they both were missing and we all decided to wait. Time passed and we forgot about the incident.”

“I stole a motorcycle months ago and sold it to a person for Rs16,000. He demanded its documents but I could not provide them. Police traced me and now I am in their custody for all my sins,” the suspect said.

Police have contacted his brother asking him to become the complainant for FIR registration on his parent’s murder.



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