Bilal Lashari receives award for ‘The Legend Of Maula Jatt’ at Bollywood Festival Norway

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Bilal Lashari, a renowned director known for his outstanding contributions to the film industry, won a resounding honor at the Bollywood Festival Norway.

Since its beginning in 2003, the festival has served as Norway’s premier celebration of Indian cinema and culture. In honor of Lashari’s remarkable work on The Legend of Maula Jatt, the festival presented him with the Festival Award for Best Filmmaker. Additionally, Lashari was listed as a guest speaker for the festival’s 2023 edition on its website.

According to its website, the Bollywood Festival Norway is committed to fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of Indian cinema and culture. This vivacious festival provides a venue for presenting films, developing up-and-coming talent, commemorating industry greats, and embracing the various viewpoints of the Indian diaspora.

The Legend of Maula Jatt, an award-winning movie by Lashari, enthralled viewers all over the world with its gripping story and brilliant cinematography. The film, which is renowned for its breathtaking graphics and compelling storytelling, has only strengthened Lashari’s standing as a forward-thinking director.

The Norwegian Bollywood Festival seeks to constantly fill a crucial gap in the cultural exchange between Indian and Norwegian movies. It is unclear, though, if the filmmaker received the honor on behalf of Pakistan or if the Festival recognized one of the most successful films to have originated in Pakistan in recent memory as an Indian success.