Bilawal demands probe into Imran’s assassination attempt

Picture source - Screengrab Al Jazeera

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari demanded a “free, fair, and impartial” probe into the claimed murder attempt on former prime minister Imran Khan.

On Monday, the minister underlined his unequivocal denunciation of the incident in an interview with prominent journalist Christiana Amanpour for CNN. He also insisted that an unbiased probe will assist establish the facts.

According to Bilawal, “this was an attack on a former prime minister, regardless of what anyone thinks of Imran Khan domestically. Any attack on a person should be thoroughly and impartially examined.

When asked about Imran’s trip to Russia when he was still in power and his handshake with Vladimir Putin on the day the war between Russia and Ukraine started, FM Bilawal responded that despite Pakistan’s political divisions, “we agreed we want to be neutral in this fight.”

He said that he intended to concentrate on the many severe situations within the country, saying, “We understand how this can be misconstrued as Pakistan taking sides… but we do not want to get drawn into yet another conflict.”

Bilawal while talking about climate change stated that there was a startling realization that there was no international framework to deal with a calamity of this scale, pointing out that one-third of the country was underwater and that one in seven people had been harmed by the floods that hit the country earlier this year.

He hoped that Pakistan would cooperate with the world community and that the next nation to experience a “tragedy of this size” will have some form of mechanism available to address loss and damage.

The interview took place in Egypt in parallel with the COP27 meeting.


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