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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Bilawal reaches Washington for talks

Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto has reached the US capital Washington for a mission regarding underlining the need for strong bilateral relations.

The purpose of the visit was to emphasize the strong relationship with the US without halting ties with China.

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The foreign minister recently completed his visit to the UN headquarters in New York where he headed G77+ China.

Regarding the FM meeting with US Secretary of state Antony Blinken, State Department said, “We do not have anything to share at this time.”

Bilawal had recently been talking about improving the US-Pakistan relationship during various interviews.

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Foreign Minister during an interview with NPR explained how Pakistan wants to maintain good relations with both Beijing and Washington.

“China is our neighbour. We have a long history with them. And we have a lot of cooperation, particularly on the economic front,” he said.

He further added that we also have a long-standing relationship with the US that dates to the 1950s. We have worked together throughout history.

Bilawal Zardari further added that Pakistan can engage with both US and China.

In addition, the foreign minister discussed Pakistan’s efforts to improve relations with Russia while refuting claims that Islamabad was purchasing oil from Moscow.

“As far as Russia is concerned, we aren’t pursuing or receiving any discounted energy but we are facing an extremely difficult economic situation, inflation, pump prices,” he said.


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