Bilawal warns about dangerous consequences of isolating Taliban, urges to engage them

Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto warning of the dangerous consequences of isolating Afghan rulers has urged the world to engage with the Taliban.

In an interview with AFP, Bilawal said that it has been learned from the past that after turning back and washing hands there could have been created unintended consequences and more problems.

He cautioned that creating parallel governance after the US was distrustful of the Taliban put Afghanistan’s frozen assets in a professional fund in Switzerland.

He further stated, “I believe that our concerns of an economic collapse, of an exodus of refugees, of a threat of new recruits for organizations such as ISIS-K and others, outweigh concerns that there may be about their financial institutions.”

The foreign minister said that the Taliban needed political space on concerns like women’s rights.

He also added, “Throughout history, theocratic, autocratic regimes haven’t exactly tended to expand rights at times of economic strife,” he said. “In fact, they tend to hold on to cultural issues and other issues to engage their population.”

Talking about Blinken’s remarks about long-term support for Pakistan and asking Pakistan for negotiating debt structure with China, Bilawal said that he had very productive conversations with China. He showed hope that the assistance with historic floods didn’t fall prey to the rivalries of great powers and geostrategic issues.

He said that the US would like for Pakistan to comment more on China but the addressing of disputes of international nature recognized by international bodied would be more productive.

Talking about Kashmir and India, the foreign minister added that it was unfortunate that being a very different India the space for taking political risks doesn’t exist.


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