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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Bilawal’s outburst 

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has criticized the alleged practice of pressurizing courts to get favourable decisions by certain powerful institutions. He also lambasted the PTI government for its failure to realise the gravity of the situation. Amid the ongoing drive of releasing of audio tapes and video clips involving politicians and judges, the PPP Chairman has castigated the trend. Bilawal is proving himself a vibrant leader with diverse opinions on national issues. It is good to see that a young leader is talking about those issues that have plagued the country for many years. He has stressed the implementation of democratic norms in the country and rule of law.

The executive, legislature and the judiciary are the three key arms of any democratic society which are meant to play a balancing act against the possible excesses of any one: they exist to facilitate and, if necessary, curtail each other and this process is called the balance of powers and it is necessary to prevent authoritarian overreach and overpowering of any one institution. Every institution needs to be cautious regarding infringement of other’s rights and in the whole process the sole focus should be on the supremacy of law. However, media and the general public are witnessing indirect attacks on the judiciary and politicians as both are confronting each other. In this regard, the judiciary needs to take the criticism positively as the institution itself requires reforms due to inherent flaws in the dissemination of justice and implementation of country’s laws. However, these are politicians who are responsible for existing flaws in the system that needs long term measures for its rectification. By criticising alone cannot solve any issue rather it could lead to the collapse of the existing system and can invite intervention by the third force. Every institution needs to work within its jurisdiction. The ultimate aim should be the public welfare and strengthening of a democratic system. All institutions need to be careful regarding the domain of each other. Any indifference or clash of opinion can result into a big crisis and can lead to anarchy in the country.

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