Bills files in Presidential chamber, I’ll prove innocence: Secretary’s letter to President

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Waqar Ahmed, former secretary to President Arif Alvi, has written a letter to the President.

In the letter, Waqar Ahmed said that the President has returned his services, but he wanted to keep the facts in front. He stated that the impression was given that the Secretary is responsible for any irregularity related to the said bills.

According to Waqar Ahmed, “The Pakistan Army Act Amendment Bill was received in the Presidency on August 2, the bill was sent to the President on August 3, the facts are clear, neither had I delayed the matter of the bills nor the irregularities nor just the sight, the fact is that the files are still in the Presidential Chamber.”

Waqar Ahmed said that the President’s decision to return the services of the secretary was not based on justice, the president did not approve the Army Act Amendment Bill nor asked to send it back to parliament in writing, the file was not sent back to the secretary’s office until August 21.

Waqar Ahmed has requested the President to get the FIA or any agency investigated, if anyone has done negligence by conducting an inquiry, then the responsibility should be put, if the Supreme Court or any court calls, I will go with the record and tell the facts, I will prove my innocence by presenting the record.

Waqar Ahmed said that I did not lower the prestige of the office of the President, the Official Secrets Amendment Bill was received by the Presidency after the closure of the office on the evening of August 8, the Official Secret Amendment Bill was sent to the President on August 9, the President knows the facts on these two bills very well.

According to the outgoing Secretary to the President, in the context of Article 75, the President has the power to approve the bill within 10 days, under Article 75, the President has the power to send the bill back to parliament for reconsideration within 10 days. The Official Secrets Amendment Bill is in the President’s office till August 21.

The President’s decision to return the services of the secretary to the establishment is not based on justice, I am ready to give a statement on oath, requesting the president to withdraw the letter to return my services, I have not lowered the dignity of the office of the Presidency.

President returns services of Secretary Waqar Ahmed:

President Dr Arif Alvi has returned the services of his secretary Waqar Ahmed. The decision to change the secretary was taken in the context of the President’s statement yesterday on the Official Secrets Act and the Army Amendment Act.

The President’s Secretariat wrote a letter to the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister informing him of the decision to change the secretary. The letter states that Waqar Ahmed’s services are no longer needed.

The letter also recommended the appointment of Humaira Ahmed, a grade 22 female officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service, as secretary to the president.

I didn’t sign the Official Secrets Act, Army Act Amendment Bills: President

It may be recalled that Yesterday, President Dr. Arif Alvi had said that Allah is witness that I have not signed the Official Secret Act and The Army Act Amendment Bill.

President Arif Alvi said in his statement that I do not agree with the Official Secret Act and the Army Act Amendment Bill, I asked my staff to send the bill back without signing.

“I have confirmed to the staff several times that the bills have been sent back without signature, I came to know today that my staff has hurt my will and order.