Blast in Afghanistan’s Balkh capital kills one, five injured

A blast struck the Balkh province’s capital in northern Afghanistan on Saturday, the authorities have said. One person was killed and five others were injured in the incident.

A few days after the provincial governor was killed in an explosion that Islamic State claimed responsibility for this second incident has happened.

Balkh’s district has experienced a blast, police spokesperson Mohamad Asif Waziri said. He added that three children were among the injured confirming the number of fatalities.

Mohammad Fardin Nowrozi, a journalist based in Balkh, told Reuters that the blast had harmed him and other journalists. He did not provide any other information, though.

It was not immediately obvious what caused the explosion.

Mawlawi Mohammad Dawood Muzamil, the provincial governor, and two other people were killed in an explosion at their office on Thursday. Taliban authorities were already looking into the incident.

Until the Supreme Spiritual Leader Haibatullah Akhundzada appoints a new governor for the northern province, a crucial trading hub with Central Asia, Kandahar’s governor will serve as acting governor of Balkh, according to his spokesperson Haji Zaid to Reuters.