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Friday, January 27, 2023
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‘Bomb Cyclone’ confine people at homes in US, Canada, 50 dead

The loss of life due to snowstorms in the United States and Canada is increasing. People have been confined to their homes.

According to Sky TV, 50 people have died from snowstorms. It has stated that four deaths occurred in Canada when a bus overturned while all other deaths occurred in the United States.

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The blizzard ‘Bomb Cyclone’ started on Thursday has affected 250 million people in the United States and Canada. The storm has covered 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometres) from the US state of Texas to the Canadian border state of Quebec. In these states, visibility has become zero.

Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and New York State’s Buffalo have been severely affected in the United States. The situation in Buffalo is the worst. 13 people have been confirmed dead there.

Some of the dead died after being trapped in vehicles and living under the open sky. Thousands of homes have lost power due to the storm. Emergency services personnel have been trying to reach difficult areas to evacuate people.

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In the United States, more destruction from the snow storm has been caused than in Canada which has been attributed to the effects caused by lake-effects or lakes. The cold breeze coming from Canada after passing over the lakes in the border area of the two countries caused the moisture from the hot water of the lakes to join the air causing the formation of a blizzard in the United States.

Officials have said that the intensity of the snowstorm will begin to subside from Tuesday.

The storm is being called a ‘bomb cyclone’ but this is not its real name. The reason for calling this storm a bomb cyclone is something else. The word bomb cyclone actually describes the characteristics of a storm.



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