Border clash erupts between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

Picture source - AP (for representational purposes only)

Clashes on the Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan border erupted and over 31 individuals were hospitalized with various injuries.

On Friday, The Kyrgyz Health Ministry said that over 31 people were hospitalized after a border clash between two countries.

According to the Kyrgyz border service, the clash started early in the morning, when Tajik soldiers opened fire on Kyrgyz border guards.

As hostilities grew tenser, the Kyrgyz border service accused Tajikistan of employing mortars, tanks, and armored vehicles to bombard Kyrgyzstan’s fortifications as well as multiple rocket launchers to bombard an airfield in the border town of Batken and damage civilian facilities.

The Kyrgyz parliament has already announced a meeting in an emergency session to talk about the border situation on Friday.

Both countries accused one another of carrying out attacks along the ill-defined and disputed border.