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Brain drain: Thousands of highly educated professionals leave Pakistan

Continuous political unrest and deepening economic difficulties have been main reasons

Thousands of highly educated and professional persons have been forced to leave Pakistan due to the country’s continuous political unrest and deepening economic difficulties.

According to the document of the Bureau of Immigration, this year alone saw a 300 percent spike in the country’s brain drain with as many as 765,000 people leaving Pakistan for a better life overseas.

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92,000 highly educated individuals including physicians, engineers, information technology specialists and accountants were also included in this year’s report. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia received the majority of them.

Pakistan has lost 7,000 engineers, 25,000 physicians, 1,600 nurses, 2,000 computer professionals, 6,500 accountants, 2,600 agricultural experts and 9,00 teachers due to this brain drain this year.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Malaysia, China, Japan, Turkey, Sudan, Romania, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Greece and Italy were chosen by Pakistani specialists this year for the prospects over these countries.

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The results have shown that approximately 40,000 kids had travelled to Europe and other Asian nations while over 730,000 of the youth had gone to the Gulf States. The statistics have indicated that 470,000 Pakistanis left for Saudi Arabia for work followed by 119,000 for the United Arab Emirates, 77,000 for Oman, 51,634 for Qatar and 2,000 for Kuwait.


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