British-Pakistani actor Zia Mohyeddin’s unbelievable disciplined lifestyle

Zia Mohyeddin, British-Pakistani actor and broadcaster, died on February 13, 2023, in Karachi, at the age of 91. He truly was a legend. He never took medicine and was never admitted to a hospital till he died.

His tight food regimen was the secret to his incredible health.

When he was finally admitted to the hospital for three days and the hospital staff and doctors asked his wife, Azra Zaidi, for the details of his medications, they were surprised to learn that, at the age of 91, Zia Sahib was not taking any medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, or any other disease.

Minute Mirror brings the detail of healthy lifestyle for its readers. The piece has taken information from a column of Javed Chaudhry, which was originally published in Express newspaper in Urdu.

During his whole life, Zia Moheyuddin took Brufun painkiller pills two or three times and Panadol for five days during the coronavirus pandemic.

These are unusual thing, and people can live like Zia sahib, if they follow his diet and lifestyle.


He would sit on breakfast table at 8am sharp. 8am means 8am.

Zia Sahib used to take seasonal fruit juice every morning. He would drink pomegranate juice during pomegranate season, kinnow jucice during kinnow days, and so on.

He used to take seasonal fruits along with juice but the quantity was very less. He did not eat more than two bites of apple. He used to take only one bite of melon. He would divide banana into two parts and then cut it into small pieces and eat it.

He never took all these fruits together: one day two slices of apple, the second day a slice of melon, the third day a bite of watermelon and the fourth day, half a banana.

The same was about breakfast. He would take a half slice of a bread with cereal one day, would scrambled an egg on it the second day, and put marmalade on the half slice the third day.


He would eat a boiled egg sandwich and a salad. The salad consisted of carrots, cucumber, cabbage and salad leaves with a little green chutney on them.

Evening tea

At 5pm, he would take his evening tea. His tea was – only sips of tea. He never had a fourth sip of tea in his whole life. Other than three sips, he would have a half a piece of biscuit or gulab jamun. The one piece of gulab jamun would last for six days. He used to cut a gulab jamun into six pieces of gulab jamun with a tea spoon and ate only one piece a day. He also liked ‘moti chor ka lado’, ‘amrti’ and ‘suyan’ with milk, but he also took only one teaspoon at 5pm.


His dinner menu was sumptuous. He started dinner with the soup of tomato or vegetable.

Four or five meals were placed on the table and he tried a bit of everything. Rice would never appear on his menu.

General routine

Zia Mohyeddin smoked cigarettes, but one cigarette was used three times a day; he lit a cigarette, took two puffs and then put it out. After three hours, he would smoke the same cigarette for the second time and take two puffs, and then in the evening, he would smoke the same cigarette for the third time and finish it. This way, he used to smoke only thirty cigarettes in thirty days.

Zia Muhyiddin’s discipline was also perfect. He would wake up at half past nine in the morning, take a brisk walk for 15 minutes and take breakfast at 8am.

He is no more with us but the legend’s life is an example for all of us.