Broiler chicken refused, PTI chairman demands desi chicken in jail

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The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has declined broiler chicken and formally asked for locally-raised desi chicken to be included in his diet while he serves his sentence in Attock Jail.

Sources indicate that an amount of 79,000 rupees has been deposited into the PTI chief’s bank account for this specific purpose, provided by his legal representatives to ensure his dietary preferences are accommodated during his confinement.

Penitentiary authorities have recently worked out a meal plan in consultation with the PTI Chairman, outlining his daily food requirements. This plan includes a daily breakfast with two eggs, bread, and yogurt, as well as bread for lunch and dinner, along with various pulses and vegetables.

Inside sources have revealed that the PTI Chairman has specifically asked for desi chicken to be available for his meals on selected days.

Typically, the standard prison menu includes chicken as part of the meals served four days a week. However, due to the Chairman’s dislike for broiler chicken, he has received desi chicken on two separate occasions in the past 15 days, incurring a cost exceeding 8,000 rupees, which has been deducted from his account.