Bushra Ansari opens up regarding slapping scenes in ‘Tere Bin’


Veteran actress Bushra Ansari recently gave an interview where she discussed her role as Maa Begum in the popular drama series Tere Bin’. She expressed her discomfort with the use of violence, particularly slapping, on television, especially when it involves female characters.

Pardes actress shared that she has never raised a hand on her children and even as an actor, scenes in which she has to hit someone make her very uneasy. However, such situations are often written in the script and cannot be avoided.

She hopes that one day, violence on TV will be limited to criminals who deserve it and not female characters who are often the ones on the receiving end of slaps.

The actress admitted that playing a dramatic and aggressive character like Maa Begum is challenging for her as aggression and negativity are not a natural part of her personality.

She expressed her worries and discomfort with slapping scenes, particularly after her character delivered a third slap to her daughter Mariam in the drama.