Businessman who contributed Rs1bn tax goes missing in Sindh

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Ayaz Ahmed Mehr from Shikarpur district has been reported missing.

Many of us may not know who is Ayaz Ahmed Mehr.

He is the one who pays record tax every year and received an award from the prime minister.

Naveed Ahmed Maher, brother of Pakistan Peoples Party Sukkur central leader Ayaz Ahmed, told a news website, Independent Urdu, that his brother left Defense Housing Authority (DHA) in Karachi for his native Chak in Shikarpur district with driver Ghulam Ali in a car on Wednesday. On the way, they stopped at a transit area to buy something and disappeared from there.

A case has been filed with the Karachi police station under Sections 34 and 365 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Naveed Ahmed Mehr, his younger brother and chairman of Shikarpur’s Chakshahr town committee, has said that if his brother is not rescued, the national highway connecting Sindh to Punjab will be blocked as a protest on the Baballo Bypass.

Who is Ayaz Ahmed Mehr?

Ayaz Ahmed Mehr is the owner of the oil and gas extraction company ‘Unique Group’. Ayaz Mehr, 48, was nominated by the Pakistan People’s Party as a candidate for the general seat of the Senate in 2018.

According to Naveed Ahmed Mehr, his brother Ayaz Ahmed Mehr submits record tax every year.

“The tax deposited by my brother every year is in crores. In 2017, the amount of tax paid by him was more than Rs1 billion. He was one of the 10 highest tax payers in Pakistan’s 220 million population,” he said.

“The government of Pakistan gave him an award for paying record taxes. He is a welfare person. They helped a large number of people during the Corona epidemic and the recent floods. The disappearance of such a person is beyond comprehension.”
Ayaz’s disappearance attracted widespread condemnation.

The Sindh High Court Bar Association condemned the alleged disappearance of Ayaz Ahmed Mehr and demanded that the authorities recover him immediately.

In the statement issued by the Honorary Secretary General of the Bar Association, Amir Nawaz Waraich, Ayaz Ahmed Mehr and his driver have been immediately returned and the matter has been investigated.

Users on Twitter are trending the hashtag ‘Release Ayaz Mahar’ #ReleaseAyazMahar demanding his return.

User Sadaqat Hussain wrote in his tweet: ‘Bhai Ayaz Ahmed is a ray of light and positivity in our society. We stand with their friends and family and demand that they be released.

A user named Hina wrote:

We urge the government to take immediate action to bring about justice for Ayaz Mahar and restore faith in the justice system. #ReleaseAyazMahar