Businessmen Waqar and Khurram arranged Arshad Sharif’s stay in Kenya: Report

An investigation has shown that the slain journalist Arshad Sharif was residing in a penthouse in an apartment owned by the successful Karachi businessmen Waqar and Khurram Ahmed.

According to local media reports, after arriving in Nairobi on August 10 on a visit visa from Dubai, a trip was made to the apartment complex where Sharif spent the last 63 days of his life.

Reports suggest that Waqar and Khurram booked the penthouse specifically for Sharif, who lived there for more than two months before tragically his tragic killing.

Investigators paid a visit to the penthouse building where they met Waqar Ahmed for several hours and questioned him about Sharif’s routine and what Waqar and Khurram knew about Sharif’s two-month stay.

Khurram and Waqar, originally from Karachi, own and manage several significant real estate developments in Nairobi. They own a farm and shooting range 300 miles outside of the capital, which is where Sharif was last seen before he was killed.

Officials in both Kenya and Pakistan who are investigating this case say that the roles of both brothers are important to their respective investigations.

Two to three armed security guards are stationed at the reception at all times and only those who have been invited are allowed inside the building, and no one is allowed past the gate without the flat owner’s permission

The report suggests that Waqar and Khurram had not yet responded to any queries sent to them.

However, their attorney emphasized that Sharif was killed as a result of identity confusion. Speaking on their behalf Daniel Kiragu, said that the Kenyan police had made a similar statement.

Pakistan’s investigating team, which consists of FIA director Athar Wahid and Intelligence Bureau (IB) Deputy Director General Omar Shahid Hamid, has also questioned both Waqar and Khurram to uncover the details of the journalist’s murder.

Pakistanis are outraged about Sharif’s killing in Kenya and the Kenyan police’s involvement, and many are perplexed as to how such a thing could have happened.


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