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Buzdar in the crosshairs as opposition submits no-confidence motion in Punjab

A no-confidence motion was submitted in the Punjab Assembly by the opposition on Monday.

According to media reports, the no-confidence motion has been submitted owing to Buzdar’s performance.

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The no-confidence motion was signed by 127 lawmakers while 120 members signed the requisition for the session.

The resolution stated that the chief executive of the province had lost the confidence of the majority of the Punjab Assembly.

Following the submission of a requisition, the speaker is bound to call a session of the assembly in 14 days.

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Moreover, the chief minister is unable to dissolve the assembly following the submission of a no-confidence motion.

The ruling party of the province needs the backing of 182 lawmakers to make the no-confidence move unsuccessful.

The development in the province comes at the same time a session of the National Assembly is underway to table a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan and vote on it.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan, while speaking at the ‘Amr bil Maroof’ political gathering in Islamabad, said that a foreign conspiracy was underway to dislodge the government.

Speaking about the current movement by the opposition to remove the government, the premier said that foreign funding was being used to dislodge the government.



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