BZU sub-campus bars students from taking exams over non-payment of fee

The administration of Bahauddin Zakaria University Lodhran Campus has received criticism for expulsion of 30 students from the examination hall on Monday.

The issue arose when examination in-charge Usman stopped giving papers on the pretext of non-payment of fees.

The students who had shown vouchers after paying immediate fees were not allowed to sit in under the guise of low attendance.

The parents of the students protested and said that the government was providing facilities to the economically disadvantaged students due to COVID. On the other hand, the attitude of the management of Zakaria University Lodhran Campus was very disrespectful towards the parents and students.

They demanded that the vice-chancellor take action against those responsible for the incident. The students and their parents protested against the campus administration for the second day in a row.

When contacted, Campus Director Sajid Nadeem said that ten more children were expelled on Monday for non-payment of fees.

He said that the students whose attendance was low were not allowed to take the paper.  The case of these students would be taken to the examination committee.

Meanwhile, the parents have asked for the matter to be taken to court.