Cadbury faces boycott in India for being ‘halal certified’

Picture source - Reuters

Boycott Cadbury is trending in India on Twitter after claims of using gelatin “derived from beef” in Cadbury products.

According to Cadbury’s official website, if any of their Australian products contain gelatine in the ingredients, the gelatine is ‘halal certified’ as derived from beef. On the other hand in the Hindu religion eating beef is prohibited.

Social media users are also targeting the company’s recent Diwali advertisement.

Sadhvi Prachi, a Vishva Hindu Parishad VHP leader, objected to the Cadbury advertisement for the use of ‘Damodar’ as the name of a poor lamp seller, claiming that it was done to portray “someone with PM Narendra Modi’s father’s name in a negative light.”

“Chaiwale ke baap diyewala,” Sadhvi Prachi tweeted, as many others called for a boycott of Cadbury products in India.

Another user was quoted saying, “Please Buy Indian Sweets, Indian Sweets are made from Desi Cow milk, so when you buy Indian sweets, you save our Gaumata, you save our culture.”

Another tweeter stated that boycotting trend is not okay if it keeps on happening every essential item will be banned eventually.

This is not the first time Cadbury has come under fire with Indian Twitter users. A similar boycott call was issued in 2021, prompting the corporation to release a statement clarifying that all of its products in India are 100% vegetarian, as indicated by the green dot on the wrapper.


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