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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Cadres on the lines of police and revenue departments to be established in Punjab

Recruitment on posts from grade 1 to 15 to be made on merit to overcome shortage of manpower

The Punjab government has decided to make cadres at the district and division level before making new recruitments.

The cadres will be formulated like the Police and Revenue departments, while making them feeding cadres will be kept in view.

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The decision was made at a high-level meeting chaired by Punjab Chief Secretary Kamran Ali Afzal.

Afzal also issued instructions to all administrative secretaries to ensure transparency and merit in the hiring process. Additional Chief Secretary S&GAD Syed Ali Murtaza, ACS (Home) Zafar Nasrullah, Chairman Abdullah Khan Sumbal and other officers attended the meeting.

It was directed to all the concerned that they should prepare their recommendations regarding the cadre at lower levels prior to making new recruitments. It was also said that it was the duty of the administrative secretaries to move their recommendations to this office so that the relative amendments in the rules be made before the recruitments.

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Moreover, in a meeting in October this year, the Punjab government had decided to start recruitments to fill the vacancies in departments. Punjab Chief Secretary Afzal also convened a meeting on the subject.

The recruitment on the posts from grade 1 to 15 would be made on merit to overcome the shortage of manpower. The above posts will be filled through the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC).

The instructions were to administrative secretaries during a meeting chaired by the chief secretary at Civil Secretariat.

Imran had in 2018 made 11 pledges with the nation in the form of his election manifesto. Employment was sixth, promising the youth with much better job prospects, especially focused on boosting the tourism industry of Pakistan.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief and premier Imran Khan had also pledged to generate 10 million jobs in education, health, tourism and other sectors.


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