California mass shooting results in five people dead

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A mass shooting at a well-known neighborhood pub in Orange County, California, on Wednesday night resulted in at least five fatalities and six injuries, according to authorities.

The suspect, a retired police officer, opened fire at a famous bike pub, according to the police, who then shot the suspect dead after the incident, KCAL said.

Gunfire erupted at around 7:30 p.m. in Cook’s Corner, a well-known, historic bike pub in Trabuco Canyon, leaving the injured and at least two bodies on the ground covered in sheets. The injured were taken to a hospital.

According to CBS, the mass shooting that resulted in 11 people being shot, including the suspect, was prompted by a personal argument between a former police officer and his wife. As a result, there was a heavy police presence.

According to the Daily Mail, Cook’s Corner is a well-known bike bar close to O’Neill Regional Park, 50 miles south of Los Angeles, California.

In fact, the number of mass shootings has dramatically increased over the previous several years, making them the most common cause of death in the US for the majority of individuals.

In the US, guns are now so widely available that even young children end up killing people after obtaining one.