Calm in East Jerusalem following hours of rioting; Israeli police on high alert

Picture source - AFP (Ahmed Gharabli)

Calm followed hours of rioting and clashes throughout East Jerusalem’s Palestinian dominant areas as Israeli police is on high alert in case of further escalation.

According to a foreign media reports, Border Police Deputy Commissioner Amir Cohen decided to put ten companies on high alert in case of intensification.

Cohen also announced an increase in forces in the Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria sector

Officials reported that 23 people had been imprisoned accused of having a connection with the recent civil unrest in Jerusalem, with nine being detained during raids on their homes in Issawiya on the presumption of participation in the riots.

On Wednesday, demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails, stones, trash cans, and pipe bombs (as suspected) at Israeli forces, according to police officials.

Sheikh Jarrah also claimed to have witnessed fighting between Arabs and Jews. Violence was also reported in Silwan, Kafr Aqab, and A-Tur.

Meanwhile, Palestinian groups in Jerusalem, in a statement, called for the reinforcement of rioters in the Shuafat refugee camp and declared Friday a “day of rage”.

Earlier on Wednesday, during a protest, an Israeli soldier killed a Palestinian boy, infuriating the protestors.

The riots were sparked by Israel’s manhunt for an 18-year-old, Noa Lazar, who was accused of carrying out a terrorist attack on Saturday at the Shuafat crossing that killed a female Israeli soldier.


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