Canada and Saudi Arabia restore diplomatic relations

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Canada and Saudi Arabia have normalized diplomatic relations after five years of conflict.

Canada stated that the decision was made during a meeting between Prime Minister Trudeau and the Saudi Crown Prince on the sidelines of the summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum held in Bangkok last November.

Canada and Saudi Arabia agreed to appoint new ambassadors along with fully restoring long-suspended diplomatic ties.

Canada further appointed Jean-Philippe Lantau as the new ambassador to Saudi Arabia. However, Saudi Arabia has not yet selected its ambassador.

A separate statement issued by both countries acknowledged that this move has ended the disputes of 2018 which have also damaged bilateral trade in the past.

According to the statement of the Saudi Foreign Ministry, only after the talks between Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, there was a change on the diplomatic front and it was decided to restore relations.

The dispute between the two countries came after the Canadian Embassy in Riyadh tweeted in Arabic demanding the immediate release of the feminist activists detained in Saudi Arabia.

In a later response, Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador from Canada and sought new trade with Canada.