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Candidates submit nomination papers for NA-108 by-polls

Tough contest expected between Imran Khan and PML-N central leader Abid Sher Ali

The first phase of by-elections in National Assembly constituency NA-108 of Faisalabad completed on Saturday, as the candidates submitted their nomination papers. On September 25, a thorny contest is expected between former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan and former minister of state and PML-N central leader Chaudhry Abid Sher Ali.

On Saturday, 14 candidates submitted their nomination papers for the NA 108 by-elections, including Imran Khan, Abid Sher Ali, former minister of state for information Farrukh Habib, and former mayor Chaudhry Sher Ali.

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According to the schedule issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan, the list of names of the candidates who submitted their nomination papers will be released today on August 14. While the scrutiny of nomination papers of the candidates will be completed by August 17, appeals against the decisions of the Returning Officer by August 20 and the Appellate Tribunal will complete the decisions on these appeals by August 23. Similarly, the revised list of candidates will be released on August 26, while the nomination papers will be withdrawn on August 27. And on August 29, the final list of candidates will be released and election symbols will be allotted to them, while the polling will be held on September 25.

Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Abid Sher Ali while talking to the media after submitting the nomination papers for NA-108 by-elections said that Pakistan’s biggest robber Imran Niazi and his friends robbed the people very brutally. He bought properties abroad with Zakat money, robbed people by showing pictures of cancer patients, and then built a house in Bani Gala with the same money. For four years, he gave load shedding to Pakistan, made Pakistan a bastion of poverty and made a joke of the poor people.

He further said that Imran Niazi has damaged the constitution of Pakistan; Imran Niazi insulted the country’s martyrs who are not acceptable in any case. Being the selected prime minister, he could not hold local Government elections in Punjab; the former government destroyed the country’s economy. Abid Sher Ali said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has been made a hotbed of corruption and if NAB started an investigation in KP, it was closed, similarly FIA was prevented from taking action in KP. He further said that Imran Khan is a thief who has committed big robberies; today Imran Khan has a hand in spreading immorality and unrest. Due to the poor policies of the former rulers, Imran Khan forced people to commit suicide. Abid Sher Ali said that I was defeated in 2018 through the RTS system, which will be avenged on September 25. I am grateful to the people of my constituency NA 108, the people of NA 108 will take revenge from the thieves.

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Candidate for NA-108 Constituency Abid Sher Ali further said that nothing was stolen from Toshakhana during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure, but Imran Khan stole from Toshakhana in the previous government. He added, “No RTA system will be closed now; the cruelty that has been going on with the people for four years will end.”

He said that we will win the election with a huge majority, we are political people and we trust political people. The people of my constituency know that Pakistan developed during the Muslim League-N era.

Former Minister of State for Information and PTI Central Leader Mian Farrukh Habib while talking to the media after submitting the nomination papers of former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Imran Khan has come to submit nomination papers under the by-elections. The constituency is fortunate that voters will cast their votes directly for their leader. By-elections were decided by accepting our 11 resignations, which is based on malice. The current government got scared and started fascist ideas in which cases were filed against journalists and threats were started. This government has gone four hands ahead of dictatorship; they think that whoever does not read their sermon will shut down the channel. He said that the imported government has introduced bootlegging, increased unemployment in the country. He added, “I condemn the torture inflicted on the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Shahbaz Gill. The doors of his driver’s house were broken at 4 o’clock in the night, they are doing extreme brutality and cruelty, do they want to copy Modi or copy Israel in atrocities, the imported government has to answer for the atrocities.”



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