Caretaker govt tightens monetary policy, bans supplementary grants except disasters

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Up until the elected government takes office, the caretaker government has tightened the monetary policy even more, prohibited additional grants outside of cases of extreme natural catastrophes, and established stringent requirements on the use of funds for purposes other than those for which they were designated.

The Finance Ministry informed all ministries, divisions, concerned departments, and institutions in a memo that, except for measures in the event of a major natural disaster until the formation of a new government after the elections, no supplementary grants will be sanctioned for any additional expenditure other than the budget approved by parliament in the current fiscal year 2024.

When it is determined that there are no other funds available due to severe natural disasters, supplementary grants may also be approved. In this case, technical grants will be approved while the principal accounting officer in charge of the affected institution certifies that all other funding sources have been exhausted and the concerned accounting organization. Additionally, it must be confirmed by

Such additional grants will only be taken into consideration if they are supported by certifications from the Ministry of Finance’s Expenditure Wing and sufficient justifications from the Principal Accounting Officer.

Only primary accounting officers will submit funding requests for technical supplementary grants, according to the memorandum, along with a list of available resources and locations where equivalent financing will be obtained.

The budget wing of the finance ministry will act on the data process report in light of system applications and products while keeping in mind the financial scope available for approval with fund diversion after the expenditure wing of the ministry has carefully reviewed the cases and made recommendations for consideration.

The cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) and cabinet approval are then required for the finance secretary to process these requests.