Caretaker PM Kakar asks officials to plan to cut power bills

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Caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaarul Haq Kakar has given specific instructions to government officials to come up with practical ideas to lower the overly high electricity bills that people are receiving. He wants this plan within the next two days.

This decision came after a meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office in Islamabad, which he called for urgently due to widespread protests about expensive electricity bills.

People all over the country have been protesting because their electricity bills have become very expensive. This is because the cost of electricity has gone up a lot. So, Kakar decided to hold a special meeting to address this issue.

There will be another meeting on Monday to talk about this more. The Prime Minister was given a detailed explanation of the high electricity bills during the meeting today.

Kakar said during the meeting, “We won’t rush into any decision that might harm the country. We will do things that won’t put more pressure on the country’s money and will help the people.”

He also mentioned that it’s not right for high-ranking officials and the Prime Minister to use free electricity when normal people are struggling to pay their bills.

He asked the relevant departments to give him information about which officials were getting free electricity. He said, “I am here to represent the regular people.” He promised that he would take steps to reduce electricity use at his own place too.

He also mentioned that he would talk to the leaders of different regions about the expensive bills and ways to use less energy.

He also wants a plan from the companies that provide electricity to stop theft and waste of electricity. Additionally, he wants a plan for making long-term changes to the electricity system.

Later, he mentioned in an interview that the temporary government would try its best to help people while following its responsibilities.

During the meeting, there were other important people like the Finance Minister, the Commerce Minister, and officials from the power sector. The government has also decided to stop giving free electricity to certain officers and government employees who were getting it before.